Learn more about the purpose and idea behind the creation of Fjord NFTs.

Why we built Fjord NFTs

Fjord NFTs empowers projects to openly and fairly facilitate NFT drops via direct community participation.

NFTs have exploded in popularity, yet minting NFTs has become a daunting process. Gas wars, sniper bots and technially savvy actors have left the everyday user unable to join their favorite NFT projects and communities from inception.

Fjord NFTs is a platform innovating on the NFT mint process, providing users equal opportunity and access to their favorite NFT projects. A Fjord Drop is a new NFT drop style built on top of the popular Balancer LBP price discovery mechanism for bootstrapping funds and enabling token distribution. This is our flagship product and the method empowers exclusive, community first, open and transparent NFT drops.

We created it because we believe in a world where decentralized, permissionless engagement creates the ideal conditions for bold projects to thrive. We also believe in giving individuals and communities the power to shape a future they want to see created.

With an enormous depth of opportunity and a simple, clear market mechanism, Fjord NFTs is the place to explore what’s coming next.

Build your NFT community the right way. Fair launch it on Fjord!

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