Option A: No Code Required via Manifold

Don't know solidity programming? Don't worry! You can deploy your NFT collection code free via our platform's seamless integration with Manifold.
Note that the flow below will be presented for the Ethereum Goerli testnet but is very similar for an Ethereum Mainnet launch.

Step 0 - Get Some Goerli Test Tokens

Instructions here.

Step 1 - Navigate to the page

Head over to https://fjordnfts.com/create/drops/goerli or click on the “Create Fjord Drop” button on the Fjord Drops showcase page.

Step 2 - Authenticate Twitter

Next, you will see the Fjord Drops creation homepage. You will be required to connect to the correct network, and to authenticate your Twitter account in order to proceed.
Sign in with Twitter
Once your Twitter is authenticated continue to Drop Details.
Continue to Drop Details once Twitter account is authenticated

Step 3 - Create your Manifold NFT Contract

Next up we will create and deploy your Manifold NFT Smart Contract to the blockchain. This contract will be responsible for housing your art collection. When someone will later mint an NFT through Fjord it will appear within this contract and display the art that was preassigned to it.
On the next screen you will see that the NFT contract type defaults to one created through Manifold which is what we want.
Then follow the Manifold Studio link: https://studio.manifold.xyz/, connect your wallet, and click the "New contract" button afterwards.
Follow the instructions to give your contract a Name, Symbol, and ASCII signature, and then click Deploy on Goerli and follow the prompts from your web3 wallet and the Manifold UI.
Congrats! You now have an NFT collection contract on Goerli. Once the deployment is complete click on the contract Name listed in the upper left of the screen (see image below).
Then highlight and copy its address (you will need it for the drop creation) and go back to the Fjord creation UI.

Step 4 - Paste the Manifold NFT address in to the Fjord creation UI

Paste the contract address you got from Step 3 into creation UI. If successful you should the Name and Symbol of the NFT contract you just deployed in Manifold appear on the right.

Step 5 - Add the URI to your collection's artwork

The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) provides a location from which your NFT Collections individual NFTs will pull their metadata and artwork from.
If you use IPFS to host your metadata, your URI should be in the format ipfs://<hash>/. For example, ipfs://QmTy8w65yBXgyfG2ZBg5TrfB2hPjrDQH3RCQFJGkARStJb/. If you plan to store on IPFS, we recommend Pinata for easily storing data. Here's a tutorial by Michael Couch for getting started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYrwIG6NHcA
Arweave's equivalent is ar://<hash>. For example, ar://jK9sR4OrYvODj7PD3czIAyNJalub0-vdV_JAg1NqQ-o/.
Note that the URI ends with a /.

Step 6 - Fill out the rest of you collection's info for the Fair Drop

The "Total number of NFTs in collection" is collection's full size, while the "Number of NFTs part of Fjord Drop" represents specifically the number of these NFTs that you want to launch solely through Fjord. Most of the time creators will want this number to match unless they want to reserve some NFTs for themselves or launch a portion of them through some other means.
Add your social links for your Discord and your website and then "Continue to Configuration"

Step 7 - Configure the Fair Drop

Follow the steps detailed here.

Step 8 - Review your configurations and drop information

Next you can review all the fields you've configured so far and go back if you need to correct any of them.

Step 9 - Agree to Terms of Use if you want to proceed with the Drop's Creation

Step 10 - Sign blockchain transactions to create the Fair Drop

Now that your NFT Drop configuration is ready you need to deploy it to the blockchain network. To do so you must sign the following transactions using your wallet. A list of all the transactions that need to be signed are below.
1) Create NFT Mintpasses - A step necessary for setting up your collection for a fair drop
2) Register Fjord NFTs extension on Manifold - Configures your Manifold NFT contract for a fair drop
3) Approve contract interactions with LBP tokens - Approves your staked WETH and mintpasses for the fair drop creation
4) Schedule your NFT Fair Drop
The drop is now scheduled to go live and you just need to click on "View NFT Drop" to see it. NOTE: You're not done yet. There's one more small thing you need to do so please keep reading.

Step 11 - Enable Minting

Once you see the drop on chain you will notice there's a timer on the upper right side counting down to the drop's start time. That's when the price decay for the mint price of the NFTs will start.
Enable Minting. The final step of launching your drop is that you need to enable the Minting EXACTLY at when the countdown clock mentioned above gets to zero. DO NOT enable minting early as collectors will be able to buy into the drop before the price decay is scheduled to start, which could potentially cause significant confusion for them once it does start dropping.
Congrats! Your drop is now live!