Case Study

See how the first ever Fjord Drop went and how some of the configurations can support in your own mint.

Feltzine, in partnership with Fjord NFTs and artist Ina Vare, conducted the first Fjord Drop in September of 2022. This was the first ever NFT drop natively integrated with Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs). The drop resulted in:

  • 398/400 NFTs minted

  • 122 holders

  • Price range moving from .15 ETH to .044ETH.

This was the first drop of a series of four drops showcasing the Feltzine and Fjord NFTs collaboration.

NFT Drop Flow TLDR:

  1. Whitelist (Feltzine art holders) through Feltzine UI for 100 of 525 collection

  2. Fjord Drop timed to start at the conclusion of whitelist

  3. Community can access Drop via Fjord UI and through Feltzine’s UI

  4. Live mint reveal over three days

This drop process is configurable to meet different needs, we are excited to work with partners to test new use cases.

Please click HERE to review the NFT contract deployed to support this drop.

NFT Drop Flow:

  1. 100 of the 525 Lost Echoes Collection were launched via a whitelist fixed price sale via Feltzine’s UI prior to the start of the Fjord Drop. Whitelist access was reserved to those who had participated in prior Feltzine drops. Below is Feltzine’s UI to participate in the whitelist offering:

2. When the whitelist time period expired (which was configured to end when the Fjord Drop began), users were then directed to Fjord’s UI:

3. After clicking “mint through Fjord” users were redirected to the below page:

4. Price ran down over the course of the Fjord Drop with 8.5% of the mint sold at the midway point. As you can see by the spike of the tail, the majority of buying activity occurred near the end of the three day period.

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