Why choose Fjord NFTs?

Seven reasons why you choose Fjord NFTs for your next NFT mint.

Selecting the appropriate method for your NFT mint is an important step in the release of your collection. While there is no perfect solution, a drop mechanism that is fair for all participants is vital to ensuring a thriving and sustainable NFT community. Keeping this in mind, let's examine seven reasons why a fair launch on Fjord is the best option for building a sustainable NFT community.

No sniper bots

When using a "first come, first served" pricing model for your NFT drop, advanced users may employ "sniper bots" to quickly mint the NFT as soon as it becomes available. The Fjord NFT fair drop method mitigates this issue by artificially inflating the price at the start of the mint, reducing the effectiveness of sniper bots. This ensures a fair distribution of NFTs and creates a safer and more equitable experience for all participants.

No gas wars

During popular NFT drops, retail users may struggle to acquire NFTs due to competition from "whales" with high gas settings, which makes their transactions more likely to be picked up by blockchain validators. High gas costs during high demand times can also make minting too expensive for retail users. Fjord NFT fair launches prevent these gas wars by starting with an artificially high price, eliminating the rush to mint all at once. The price then starts to slowly decrease unless sustained demand for the mint overpowers its decay rate.

Reduce pricing risk

Determining the appropriate pricing for your NFT collection can be challenging, especially for creators new to the web3 space. Setting the price too high can limit the reach of your collection, while pricing too low can lead to issues such as sniper bots and gas wars. A fair launch on Fjord, where the price is responsive to demand, can provide a better experience for both minters and buyers. As demand increases, the price will also increase, avoiding the risk of low demand in fixed price NFT drops.

Flexible whitelist support

The use of whitelists in NFT projects can be a controversial subject but they have their pros. Fjord drops are versatile and can accommodate both whitelisted and non-whitelisted launches. A previous fair launch conducted by Felt Zine on Fjord NFTs demonstrated the effectiveness of using a whitelist in conjunction with a fair launch, as the final mint price at the end of the drop ended up being higher than the preceding whitelist price.

Permissionless & no coding

Fjord allows creators to launch NFT mints without seeking permission from centralized entities. Our platform is accessible to anyone, while our seamless set up option via Manifold requires no coding experience. Creators can launch their collection without fear of rejection or worrying about coding.

Seamless and engaging experience

A fair launch NFT drop event on Fjord is a seamless and engaging experience for your audience. Participants can track the activity of the mint in real time through an interactive and immersive UI that showcases the actions of the whole community. Additionally, in case customization is important to you we provide a mint widget that you can integrate on your own website, so that you can have full control over the full user experience.

We’re a trusted team

Through our partner project Fjord Foundry, we’ve hosted nearly $1.5bn in volume and supported teams raising nearly $750m. These stats show the use case of the Fjord method while proving the reliability of our platform.

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